Does Duplex IPTV include movies, channels or any other content?

No. Duplex IPTV is a media player. It doesn't include and it will never include any content of any type

Do you sell IPTV playlists or IPTV subscriptions?

No. We don't sell playlists nor IPTV subscriptions. Please don't contact us about IPTV subscriptions!

Do you have other websites or IPTV servers?

No. The official website of Duplex IPTV is
Any other websites claim to be the official Duplex IPTV websites are fake websites and we don't own them!

Do you have Youtube or Facebook or other social accounts?

No. not yet.
Any social account claim to be the official Duplex IPTV accounts are fake accounts and we don't own them!

What are the supported platforms?

Duplex IPTV is available for the following platforms:

  • LG webOS (All countries)
  • Samsung Tizen 2015 and above (All countries)
  • Android (All countries)
  • Android TVs (All countries)
  • Amazon Fire TV (APK release)

How to add/edit playlists?

Duplex IPTV is a media player and it doesn't include any content. Please follow these steps to add your playlists:

  • On home screen, select "Add Playlist"
  • The app will show instructions which include the following information:
  • URL to manage playlists:
    Device ID and Device Key to be used to identify the TV
  • Please write down the values as you will use them in next steps
  • Open a browser on your computer and visit
  • Supply Device ID and Device Key in corresponding fields
  • Click on "Manage Playlists" to start manage playlists
  • Click on "Add Playlist". A popup will open asking for Playlist information
  • Fill the information and then click save
  • Return back to your TV. On Home Screen press Blue key to refresh playlists
  • Enjoy

Have a question? contact us

For any inquiries please contact us at
Note: We will not respond to any emails regarding where and how to get playlists and any similar questions.