Does Duplex IPTV include movies, channels or any other content?

No. Duplex IPTV is a media player. It doesn't include and it will never include any content of any type

Do you sell IPTV playlists or IPTV subscriptions?

No. We don't sell playlists nor IPTV subscriptions. Please don't contact us about IPTV subscriptions!

Do you have other websites or IPTV servers?

No. The official website of Duplex IPTV is
Any other websites claim to be the official Duplex IPTV websites are fake websites and we don't own them!

Do you have Youtube or Facebook or other social accounts?

No. not yet.
Any social account claim to be the official Duplex IPTV accounts are fake accounts and we don't own them!

What are the supported platforms?

Duplex IPTV is available for the following platforms:

  • LG webOS (All countries)
  • Samsung Tizen 2015 and above (All countries)
  • Android (All countries)
  • Android TVs (All countries)
  • Amazon Fire TV (All countries, APK release)
  • Windows PC (All countries)
  • XBOX One (All countries)

How to add/edit playlists?

Duplex IPTV is a media player and it doesn't include any content. Please follow these steps to add your playlists:

  • On home screen, select "Add Playlist"
  • The app will show instructions which include the following information:
  • URL to manage playlists:
    Device ID and Device Key to be used to identify the TV
  • Please write down the values as you will use them in next steps
  • Open a browser on your computer and visit
  • Supply Device ID and Device Key in corresponding fields
  • Click on "Manage Playlists" to start manage playlists
  • Click on "Add Playlist". A popup will open asking for Playlist information
  • Fill the information and then click save
  • Return back to your TV. On Home Screen press Blue key to refresh playlists
  • Enjoy

How to remove unwanted protected playlist?

If you have a playlist that is protected by a PIN and want to delete it

  • Open Duplex IPTV on your device
  • Open Settings
  • Open Security Settings
  • Press on Device PIN to show Device PIN
  • Write down this PIN as you will use it in next steps
  • Go to our website and login using your device ID and Key
  • Select the playlist you want to delete and then press the delete button
  • If the playlist is protected, use the PIN you got in previous step to remove the protected playlist
  • Note: this PIN can't be used to edit or view protected playlists. It only can be used to remove playlists

How to protect my playlist?

You can protect your playlists in the following ways:

  • When you enter a playlist, put a PIN on the playlist. This way no one can view or modify it.
    Please remember the PIN as for security reasons it can't be recovered.

  • You can also lock the whole device to prevent anyone from adding or remving playlists without your permission
    • Open Duplex IPTV
    • Open Settings
    • Open Security Settings
    • Turn on [Lock Playlists]
    Please remember the Unlock the playlists when you are going to modify the playlists.

How much the cost of Duplex IPTV?

Unfortunately, due to the continous increase of the cost required to support new customers we have to switch Duplex IPTV to be paid with a very small fee

Currently, Duplex IPTV is free to try for 7 days. After this period you are welcome to pay a small amount to support the app

  • Six months activation cost only $0.99
  • One year activation cost only $1.99

How to renew activations?

IMPORTANT: before purchasing an activation for the app, rememeber that Duplex IPTV is a media player and it doesn't include playlists and we don't sell playlists. If you don't have playlists, please don't purchase the activation of the app.

The payments can be done using one of the following methods:

Please note that: Duplex IPTV app on Microsoft Store or Google store can be used to pay for any device including Smart TVs.

Steps to renew for your Smart TVs

Steps to renew for your Windows, XBOX One, Android TV or Android device

  • Open Duplex IPTV app on the selected platform
  • On home screen open [Activation]
  • Choose [Renew for this device]
  • Choose an activation type and then confirm purchase

How to check my activation status?

You can view the activation of the app using the following methods:

  • Using the app itself. On the home screen there is an [Activation] button that will show the status and the expiration of the app.
  • Login to our website using the device ID and device Key and review the activation status and also review the payments you did.

Is activation per device?

Yes, activations is per device. If you want to use Duplex IPTV on multiple devices you will need to activate all of them.

Why activation is per device?

Because each device exhausts server resources such as CPU, traffic and storage. We can't treat a customer with a single device like a customer using 10 devices. The latter puts 10x load on our servers. That is why we activate per device.

Do you support Paypal payments?

We don't accept direct PayPal payments. Although all payments will be done through Microsoft Windows Store Or Google Play Store. For some countries these stores provide support for Paypal

Do you support Payments through website?

No, all payments should be done through Duplex IPTV app on Microsoft Windows Store or Google Play Store

If I uninstall the app, do I need to activate again after reinstall?

No. The reinstall should use the same device ID and Key.
If for any reason you get a different device ID or Key please email us both the old and new IDs/Keys in addition to the order receipt received from the store to transfer the activation

What are the gift codes?

Gift codes are free codes to get free activations. Instead of paying real money you can use the gift code to activate the app.
You can get gift codes using two methods:

  • For every 10 activations of the same type made by a certain device the system generates 3 free gift codes that can be used to activate the app for any other devices.
  • You can purchase Gift Codes using the app. It is similar to purchase normal activation, but you need to choose [Package]

I'm a reseller, how to get my gift codes?

  • First, and the most important step is that you need to login using the ID and Key of the device you are using to activate other devices
  • Open [Gift Codes] and collect the codes. These codes can be used to activate any device
  • Please note that: each gift code can be used only once, so keep it secret

How to use the gift codes?

You can use gift codes to activate devices through the app or through the website
Using gift godes through the app

  • Through tha app, the process is simillar to normal activation process
  • Use the app to open the usual renewal form
  • Instead of selecting an activation type, enter the gift code and choose [use gift code]
Using gift godes through the website
  • Login to using the ID and key of the device you are using for payments
  • Click [Gift Codes] on the top menu
  • View your gift codes. The gift codes marked with green color means it is not used yet and you can use it to activate a device
  • Pick one of these codes and then click [Activate Device]
  • Enter the device ID/Key you want to activate then enter the Gift Code and press Activate

Have a question?

Please read this FAQ before contacting us. If you find the answer here please don't contact us to just validate the answer.

For any inquiries please contact us at
Note: We will not respond to any emails regarding where and how to get playlists and any similar questions.